How Long Do PTACs Last? A PTAC unit has an average lifespan of 7- 10 Years if properly maintained. Unfortunately, most hotel owners wait much longer to replace their PTACs, especially if their old units appear to be working properly.How Long Do PTAC Units Last?

Operating PTAC units that are more than 10 years old might cause issues, as well as greater maintenance headaches and higher utility expenditures. Even though there is no definite rule for replacing PTAC units, as they approach the end of their life cycle, your old units will begin to show three telltale indicators.

 Not As Efficient As Before.

The energy efficiency of newer PTAC units NYC types is well known, and they can be modified to replace older units. As a result, purchasing an updated model rather than an older, identical one is usually the most energy-efficient option.

Keep an eye on the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER rating). The EER rating measures how efficiently a unit turns power into output energy. New versus ten-year-old apartment in this Green Lodging News report. When the unit is fresh, the EER rating is around 5.0, but it is common for the EER rating to drop around 3.0 over time.

You should replace older PTAC units with newer units that have an EER of 10 or higher. The new units are also eco-friendly and save hotel owners money on power bills because they use less energy. They pay out in the end!

Sign #2: The unit does not meet EPA standards.

By EPA criteria, the vast majority of units perform admirably. If yours is old or hasn’t been properly maintained with eco-friendly coolant, you risk losing compliance or harming the environment.

R-22, often known as Freon, is being phased out of production. But there’s no need to worry. There is enough Freon on the market to keep PTACs running for decades.

However, being as ecologically friendly as possible is always a good idea. We can dispose of old coolant correctly and ensure that your new or refurbished PTACs are eco-friendly.

#3: The appliance produces a lot of noise.

Some PTAC units are noisier than others, but older models are particularly susceptible to squeaks, whistles, and rattles. And what seems to be the most common complaint from visitors? Air conditioners that are too loud and don’t work.

How Long Do PTAC Units Last?

Investing in a quieter apartment, perhaps with multiple fans, can accommodate sensitive guests, reduce complaints, and reduce refund demands.

Hoteliers are frequently unaware that hotel room heating and cooling units are extremely noisy until a client complains or leaves a poor TripAdvisor review. Replace your PTACs if your guests are unhappy with the temperature, air quality, or faulty, noisy, or inefficient air conditioners. After all, PTAC units are an important part of a pleasant, relaxing experience.

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