Are you having a hard time breathing due to that stuffy air? Also wondering if it’s your PTAC unit? We will not only discuss the benefits and downsides of using PTAC units but we’ll answer your main question of DO PTAC Units Bring Fresh Air?

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What is PTAC?Do PTAC Units Bring In Fresh Air?

a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC).

Many hotels and motels have them, as do offices and public buildings. You’ll find them literally underneath a window, as they’re stand-alone air conditioning units with heater functions. This allows easy venting to the outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at these.

How Does It Work?

A PTAC is a self-contained heating and cooling appliance for a single space.

Like a domestic refrigerator, they run on electricity and remove heat and humidity from the room through a wall vent. Like other air conditioners, PTACs use refrigeration to cool and dry the room’s air. PTACs are usually positioned beneath a window on an outside wall for maximum efficiency and ventilation. A metal shield allows for direct wall installation.

Not designed to heat or cool larger areas, they are usually installed in rooms that can be isolated from other parts of the building.

How Does PTAC Drain?

No drain plumbing is required because PTAC wall units are self-contained. They do this by directing all condensed water from the atmosphere to the condenser coil’s surface, where it evaporates and exits through the wall vent.

How Much Power Does a PTAC Consume?

If you want to install one of these in your home, you will need a separate higher voltage electrical circuit in addition to your 110 volt one.

It can cool up to 600 square feet and utilize up to 3,500 watts of power when running at maximum capacity. 3,000-3,500 watts for heating. Using a 30 amp power cord connected to a 240 volt circuit can maximize heating and cooling power.

When the temperature is at the set level, the LG unit uses inverter technology to run at a lower level.

Do PTACs Bring in Fresh Air?

Contrary to popular belief, PTACs do not fully meet code-required ventilation levels. Handling the fan can cause this. In spite of this, the vent door and air filter create more negative pressure than the evaporator coil, limiting the intake of fresh air.

Which PTAC Unit?

We recommend the LG 12,000 BTU model below for larger rooms up to 600 sq ft.

  • Lg LP123IHP 12,000 BTU PTAC w/ Inverter & Heat Pump

The LG LP123IHP is a single-unit cooling and heating solution for medium-sized rooms from a well-known and respected producer of air conditioning equipment. 12,000 BTU heating and cooling output keeps you comfortable indoors no matter what the weather outside!


Dehumidification cycles remove 2.8 pints of moisture from the air per hour. To circulate fresh air with less power, there’s a fan-only option.

Technology Inverter

Once the temperature is at the right level, the unit’s inverter technology helps save energy by cutting back on the amount of heating or cooling it does.

PTAC Unit AdvantagesDo PTAC Units Bring In Fresh Air (1)

These include lower energy costs, lower noise levels, and lower noise levels from other sources. PTAC units are designed to run on low power after a specific temperature is reached and maintained. It also works all year round, cooling and heating a room as needed.

Most models will also self-evaporate excess moisture and expel it through the wall vent, making them more beneficial than window and portable units.

Unit Common Issues

This causes damp patches on walls and mold growth on PTACs, especially in hotel rooms. A professional technician can avoid this issue. Having your unit serviced by a qualified HVAC expert may help avoid difficulties.


Invisible beneath a window, it occupies a minimal amount of space. This means you may enjoy year-round comfort for a low upfront cost and low ongoing operating costs by investing in a compact unit that packs a punch.

For HVAC needs, a PTAC near me is an excellent choice. Call (929) 447-2077 if you have any problems with the air you breathe in your home. If interested you can also learn about How Long Do PTAC Units Last?.

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