When discussing HVAC systems, the term PTAC is frequently used. But many ordinary individuals have no understanding of what PTAC is. Do you know what PTAC is in HVAC? What are the benefits and cons? Interested in its usage?

If so, keep reading since this post is all about PTAC & HVAC.

What is a PTAC?

Packet Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)Are PTAC Units Energy Efficient?

For those with the question what is a PTAC unit, PTAC stands for ductless and self-contained heating and cooling systems. Self-contained PTAC HVAC units work without ducts. They allow you to heat or cool only one room without impacting the rest.

PTAC units are popular because they are simple to install and function well. PTAC HVAC systems are found in apartments, hotels, schools, and hospitals.

Because PTAC systems allow all building occupants to choose a comfortable room temperature without impacting the building’s overall temperature.

Pros & Cons of PTAC units

If you are considering purchasing a PTAC HVAC system, consider the following benefits and cons:

Benefits of PTAC

Here are the advantages of PTAC:

  1. Excellent performance

PTAC systems were once said to be inefficient and wasteful of energy.

Since then, PTAC producers have worked hard to improve their performance. Modern PTAC HVAC systems are noted for their high heating and cooling efficiency.


  1. They can be used all year

PTAC HVAC is year-round. They can be used for both heating and cooling..

  1. Easy to install

Everyone worries about installation.

Installing a PTAC HVAC system is simple and inexpensive. No ductwork is required to install or operate PTAC HVAC systems.

This way, you can save a lot of money on HVAC installation.

  1. They are cheap

PTAC HVAC systems are reasonably priced. They are substantially less expensive than other commercial HVAC systems. It will also be simple to replace the unit if necessary.

  1. Multi-room ease

One of the benefits of PTAC HVAC systems is multi-room comfort. PTAC only works in one room. They can be used in hotels, hospitals, schools, and institutions.

Everyone in the building can have the temperature they want without influencing the other rooms.

  1. Less maintenance

PTAC systems are the greatest option for low-maintenance HVAC systems. It will save you money.

Cons of PTAC

Cons of employing PTAC:

  1. Not for household usage

The rooms do not suit PTAC HVAC units. They just don’t fit in a room.

  1. Noise issue

No PTAC for you if you don’t want a noisy HVAC unit.

PTAC units are noisy due to their internal components. So, consider this as well. Mini-splits are a wonderful alternative if you require a quiet solution.

  1. One-dimensional

It only works in one room and is one-dimensional. They can only manage the temperature of a particular room, not the whole structure. This factor may be quite important to some.

Are PTACs efficient?

Yes, PTACs save energy.

They save you money by simply cooling or heating the spaces you wish. They will save you money and energy this way.

PTAC units also require minimal upkeep. They’re cheap, easy to fix, and replace. They are very easy to set up.

Overall, the PTAC unit saves money.

Common PTAC issues

What are some common PTAC HVAC issues?

We’ve covered them all below:

  • It’s an ice
  • Temperature mismatch.
  • Water leakage in the unit.
  • Now it blows hot or cold air.
  • Noise crackling or humming
  • Buttons broken.
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Black mold in air vents
  • Cold drafts from both sides.

These are the most prevalent PTAC unit issues.

How to fix a PTAC

If you have technical issues with your PTAC device and don’t know how to solve them, you should consult a specialist.

They will diagnose the issue and fix your equipment to normal performance.

Window vs. PTACAre PTAC Units Energy Efficient?

PTAC units cost slightly more than window units.

You may use a PTAC unit to heat and cool simply one room while saving up to 20% on your electricity expenditures. A PTAC can also be put in a wall, freeing up window space.

Where can I acquire PTAC?

Want to buy a PTAC but don’t know where to acquire one?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Order online

With the internet, you can quickly buy anything while sitting at home.

You can go to Amazon, eBay, Ali-Baba, Samsung, Panasonic, Facebook groups, and other PTAC selling websites.

You can pick your favorite PTAC unit with the desired specs. Place your order, receive your product, pay, and enjoy.

  1. Buy locally

You can also look for PTAC units pricings in your local market. Then buy your favorite and take it home.

PTAC unit setup

Unlike other HVAC devices, PTAC air conditioners are very straightforward to install.

They can even go in an existing hole. No ducting is required to install a PTAC device.

That’s why they’re called self-contained air conditioners.

How much does a PTAC unit run?

  • This depends on your usage.
  • It costs more if you use it for longer.
  • But It will be cheaper if you use it for a shorter time.

However, PTAC units are more economical. A good one costs between $750 and $1000 depending on the brand and quality.

Installation can potentially cost $500-600. PTAC units also have minimal maintenance costs compared to other systems.

How big is my PTAC unit?

Before buying a PTAC unit, measure the room. The square footage of your room will assist you determine the PTAC size.

The larger the room, the more BTUs you will require.

The smaller the room, the fewer BTUs required.

Here’s a list to help you with that:

  • 250-300 sq ft  – 7,500-9,000 BTU
  • 300-350 2q ft – 9,000-10,500 BTU
  • 350-400 sq ft -10,500-12,000 BTU
  • 400-450 sq ft – 12,000-13,500 BTU
  • 450-500 sq ft – 13,500-15,000 BTU

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