How To Reset a PTAC Unit

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Resetting your AC unit might seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry; we at bluco Mechanical are going to break it down for you into easy-to-follow steps.

Why Would You Want to Reset Your AC unit?

There are a few reasons, but the main one is a tripped breaker. Like most electrical appliances, an air conditioning unit has a circuit breaker. Two, to be exact. One is operating on the outside, and one is operating on the inside.
Generally speaking, a circuit breaker is a safety switch that protects your unit by immediately shutting it down when an overload is detected. It prevents fires and explosions. Once your power comes back after an outage, the sudden jump in electrical voltage can cause an overload in your unit’s circuit. It is when a circuit breaker kicks in.
Sometimes, after a breaker is tripped, your AC unit may not work as well as before. If you have it set at a cool temperature, but all you’re feeling is warm air — a quick reset is sometimes all you need.

How Do You Reset Your AC Unit?

  • Turn off your air conditioning system using the thermostat. You don’t want it to call your AC unit for cooling until after you’ve finished resetting it.
  • Search for the breaker box. Look for either a metal panel or a metal box placed flush against a wall. Sometimes it’s painted to blend in with your home, but usually, it’s a plain metallic colour.

It can be found in any of these areas:

  • Garage
  • Basement\sClosets
  • Laundry room
  • Crawl spaces

The exterior part of your home

  • Shut off your AC unit at the breaker. Search for the breaker switch that runs to your central heating and air conditioning system. Switch it to the “off” position.
  • Wait a full minute before switching the breaker back to the “on” position.
  • Wait for 30 minutes before turning your unit back on at the thermostat. It gives your system a chance to reset its internal circuit breaker.
  • Once the 30 minutes is up, carefully set your thermostat back to “cool”. To tell if everything is working properly, make sure you set the thermostat to at least five degrees below the room’s current temperature.
  • Simple, right? It gets even easier if you have a reset button on your AC unit that’ll perform this entire process for you. To check if your system has this button, you’ll need to look for it on your outdoor unit. Usually, it’s a big, red button. If you don’t see it or find it difficult to reach, it might be best to contact a professional to check your unit for you.

When should you call an HVAC technician?

If your AC unit is still not working or if you notice your circuit breaker is tripping over and over again, don’t attempt to reset your unit back to back! Some other potential causes we’ve observed at Bluco Mechanical include:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Faulty wiring
  • Fan motor issues
  • Compressor failure

Whether it’s circuit breaker issues, locating the reset button on your outdoor unit or more complex issues like those listed above — Bluco Mechanical is happy to help!

How Do You Reset a PTAC Unit?

Push and hold both the heat and cool buttons. While holding the buttons, turn the master switch back on. When the red light appears next to the off button, the system has been successfully reset. Place the front plastic cover back onto the unit and enjoy! You can look for the best ptac service NYC.

Do PTAC Units Bring in the Fresh Air?

Air pathways to the occupied space in most PTAC models do not encourage outside air to pass through the indoor coil (if any air is even introduced) before being supplied to the room.

Amana PTAC Troubleshooting Manual

Amana is a well-known manufacturer of PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners). But, like any other equipment, these too might malfunction.

The quickest approach to fix an Amana PTAC device is to reset it. Continue reading to learn how to diagnose and reset an Amana PTAC.

Troubleshooting a PTAC

You can now troubleshoot your PTAC device without tools or technical skills. Your PTAC scans for problems in diagnostic mode and displays a unique code. Using the problem code as a guide, evaluate if a manual reset will fix your PTAC.

How to Diagnose Your PTAC

To test your PTAC unit, follow these steps:

  • Find the unit’s down and up arrow buttons.
  • Keep both buttons pressed.
  • Double-tap the “Cool” button on your PTAC unit.
  • Wait for the display to change.
  • In this case, your air conditioner should be in self-diagnostic mode. Look for a red dot blinking in the screen’s corner.
  • The PTAC’s display screen usually shows numbers indicating room temperature. Dashes (- -) replace these numerals in diagnostic mode. A green light may also be visible in the touchpad’s bottom left corner.
  • Allow the gadget to conduct a diagnostic test. After the test, the dashes will be replaced by an error code.
  • If the dashes remain, the system cannot notice the problem. Even resetting the Amana PTAC device may not fix the problem. Call an air conditioner repair technician.

Error Codes in Amana PTAC Units and How to Fix Them

After activating the self-diagnostic option on your Amana air conditioner, it will display an error code. How to reset a PTAC unit.

These codes fall into four categories:


System modes indicate Amana PTAC operating system issues. Changing some settings or the PTAC unit’s position usually fixes them.


The error code “On” implies the unit is wired rather than wireless. To fix this, modify the configuration settings to the proper mode.


Your Amana PTAC device is currently in Freeze Protection mode. The Freeze Protection activates when the temperature drops below 40°F. It prevents components from freezing and damaging. Activate Freeze Protection by moving the unit to an area above 43°F.


The “HP” fault number means the Amana PTAC is about to overheat. In this case, the device switches to Heat Sentinel mode to protect vital components.


This error code indicates a misconfigured service board. The best way to fix an “Eo” error code on an Amana PTAC is to reset it manually. The gadget should revert to its default configuration and work normally.


EH means the PTAC unit is currently in Emergency Hydronic mode. It signifies the compressor is broken and the EHH switch is off.


Load Shedding It means the electric heat and compressor are off. LS switch on to exit load shedding mode.

Errors in Cooling

Refrigeration errors indicate a problem with your PTAC’s cooling system. Your refrigerator may need repair if it displays any of the following trouble codes.


Any of these numbers indicate that your device’s indoor coils are freezing. A manual reset won’t help your Amana PTAC device perform properly. Start by cleaning the air filter and inspecting the fans or blowers. Also, check refrigerant levels.


The “C6” error number indicates a slow system. It suggests your PTAC air conditioner has several issues.


This fault code extends the indoor coil freeze warning. “C7” means the unit locks the controls for safety.

AC Alerts

Airflow principles govern the operation of most air conditioners. When troubleshooting your PTAC unit, look for the following problem codes.


The incoming air is too hot for the Amana device to function normally. Make sure the air filters are clean to repair this problem code.


This error code indicates a serious problem with the condenser fans. It suggests the outdoor thermistor (red) is too hot to function properly. If the fan is running properly, clean the condenser coils.


“F1” denotes a twofold failure. The indoor thermistor (black) may be reading beyond the normal range, and the wireless thermostat may be broken.


The indoor thermistor (black) is fine with this error code. But the wifi thermostat is broken. You’ll need an AC repair expert to fix it.


The thermostat is ideal. However, the indoor thermistor (black) is not.


The indoor thermistor (red) has failed.


It means the Indoor Discharge Thermistor has failed (yellow). Most likely, the thermistor is out of tolerance.

Manually Troubleshooting Amana PTAC

Reset an Amana PTAC

A manual reset can help with some of the difficulties listed above. There is no single rest button, but the technique is simple. How to manually reset your PTAC unit:

  • Auxiliary power check
  • Lift and pull the forward-facing plastic cover.
  • Set the master switch to “off”. It’s normally in the settings.
  • Find the cool and heat buttons.
  • Press both buttons at the same time.
  • Turn the master switch on while holding both buttons.
  • A red light beside the “off” button implies your Amana PTAC device has been reset.


The self-diagnostic feature makes troubleshooting and diagnosing Amana PTAC devices simple. Depending on the issue, a manual reset may assist. And if you need a new or reconditioned Amana PTAC, Bluco Mechanical is pleased to assist you to discover it!

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