How to Hide a PTAC Unit

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Let’s face it, while your air conditioner is an integral part of your luxury home; it’s not something you want prominently displayed. The majority of us would prefer to hide the ptac unit. It can be quite humiliating to have unsightly air conditioning equipment clutter up your patio or ruin your perfectly designed interior. As a result, we’re sharing creative ways to conceal ptac units today. It includes the outdoor condenser and the indoor wall- or ceiling-mounted boxes.

Several of these suggestions are excellent for do-it-yourselfers. If that is not an option for you, you can always hire a creative handyperson to assist you in creating the look you desire to conceal your ptac unit. But to repair your ac you can look for ptac repair near me.

Two critical guidelines to follow when planning your project to hide a PTAC unit:

  • Never obstruct the flow of air around the equipment. You’ll only obstruct its operation (making it less effective at cooling your space) and risk it overheating.
  • Ascertain that your innovative solution allows access to the equipment when residential HVAC service or repairs are required.

Creative Ways to Hide Your PTAC Unit

If you are fortunate enough to have outdoor space in New York City, chances are you do not want an eyesore condensing unit to ruin the aesthetics. These ideas will sort out the confusion of how to hide a PTAC unit.

Consider the following ideas for concealing the AC unit: your guests will never know it’s there!

Structure of a garden

This decorative wood garden structure is the ideal size for hiding your outdoor ptac unit while simultaneously adding interest to your outdoor space. Remember to keep the equipment serviceable.

Vine lattice wall

A morning-glory wall is an excellent way to hide ptac units while maintaining airflow. Avoid placing the flowers too close to the unit (the condenser is the part of your AC that releases heat, so keep it at least a couple of feet away from the plants).

Planter wall made of cement blocks

Here’s another cool planter idea that’s also quite affordable. All you’ll need are some cement blocks, wood shelves, and some paint.

Painted screen for the door

It is similar to what you might see in the garden where residents paint their doors in vibrant hues. Who would have guessed you could recycle old doors to conceal your air conditioning unit?

Ocotillo trellis

While it is unlikely that you will grow these desert ocotillo plants in the New York City area, there must be an alternative that looks just as cool while concealing the air conditioner outside.

Pallet screen with decorative paint

Another low-cost option that requires only an old shipping pallet and some paint. If you lack the artistic ability for decorative painting, you could choose a bright color that complements your décor. Alternatively, please have your children paint their handprints on it or add a design with stencils.

Caladium and elephant ears plantings

These magnificent, exotic-looking plants grow tall enough to conceal your air conditioning unit. As with morning glories, keep them away from the condensing unit’s heat.

DIY seat with integrated air conditioning cover

Unless you’re a woodworking expert, this one will require the assistance of a carpenter. However, it is completely worthwhile! Outdoor seating that conceals your air conditioning unit. Genius.

Wall made of pavers

Try this patio paver stone wall if plants and woodwork are not your things.

Screen with latticework and planter box

This is an excellent option because it protects your outdoor unit from being covered in leaves and debris. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance to allow heat to escape and, of course, that it is accessible for maintenance.

Bamboo fence

This tranquil bamboo wall and plantings provide privacy while concealing the outdoor air conditioner. What if you live in a city apartment with no access to the outdoors? You may have indoor air conditioning equipment that looks unsightly on your walls and ceilings. Here are some creative ways to conceal an air conditioning unit indoors.

Cabinet with die-cutting on the wall

This is an excellent way to conceal a wall-mounted ptac, such as a ductless ptac or a through-the-wall unit. Because the doors open, it’s simple to adjust the fan or perform maintenance.

Grates made of wrought iron

You can purchase grille covers to match any décor or architectural style, ensuring that your air conditioning and heating registers look good.

Box with shutters

Another excellent option for concealing an air conditioning unit on a wall. Locate some shabby chic shutters with openable slats to allow air to circulate the equipment.

Wall panel made of die-cut wood and lace

Antique lace is used to back this die-cut panel. It appears to be more of a work of art than a cover for an air conditioning or heating register!

Paneled wood with slats

Here’s a more contemporary look: it’s a sliding panel that conceals wall shelving, a television, and the ability to conceal an air conditioning unit.

Shelving mounted on the wall

Another wall-mounted shelf, but this one was custom-made to complement the bedroom furniture. The AC unit is concealed behind a slatted wood door.

Mantelpiece with metal grille

This metal grille was probably originally used to conceal a heating register, but it has been repurposed as a stunning mantel that also conceals an air conditioning unit!

Cover for shutter register

Another way to conceal your HVAC unit or wall registers is to use shutters. They are directly attached to the wall in this instance.

Personalized wall art

This air conditioner cover is not merely decorative; it is a piece of custom artwork created to conceal an air conditioner.

Metal panel with decorative elements

We love this decorative wall panel covering the AC unit because it allows for plenty of airflows, which is beneficial for both the equipment and your comfort.

Camouflaged Thermostat

We couldn’t resist including this idea, although it does not conceal an air conditioner. It’s simply creating a clever distraction to the point where you don’t even notice the thermostat mounted on the wall!


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