Why Is My PTAC Unit So Noisy In The Winter Months

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A cracking or popping noise in your air conditioning system is frequently caused by dampness or icing—but not always. This article will discuss both the potentially harmless and the more dangerous reasons for cracking/popping noises. Additionally, we’ll explore what you can do to correct them. In certain instances, you require the assistance of a specialist to resolve your issue.

PTAC Unit Making Crackling Noise

We first ask folks who hear cracking or popping noises coming from their air conditioner is how frequently they hear it. If you only hear this noise sometimes, usually shortly after the AC goes on, it could be a simple case of the duct expanding due to increased temperature. It is particularly true if the noise is metallic and echoey, as if someone were tapping on a large sheet metal sheet.

Ducts are constructed of thin, malleable metal. When the system is turned off, warm air can occasionally find its way into the ducts, causing them to expand somewhat. Then, when the air conditioner’s cold air flows through, the metal swiftly cools and compresses. As a result, a brief series of creaking or cracking noises is produced, followed by a loud pop.

This type of thermal expansion is often innocuous, and if the noises are infrequent, you may not need to be concerned—especially if the AC continues to operate normally. However, it would help inform your air conditioning professional when they come for their biannual maintenance check. They can inspect your unit to ensure there isn’t a more serious issue. If this occurs throughout the season, it may also signal that your ducts are losing air or are not set up properly. If this is the case, having them repaired could not only eliminate the noise but also help you save money on your energy bills. It would help if you looked for ptac repair in NYC.

Continuous Cracking or Popping Noises Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Unfortunately, cracking or popping sounds occasionally indicate a more serious problem that requires immediate attention. However, many people ask why is my ptac unit so noisy in the winter months.

If these noises occur continuously or throughout the time the air conditioner is working, there is a significant possibility they are caused by one of the following two problems:

  • The unit has begun to ice up. Cracking and popping noises are frequently caused by ice developing inside the device.
  • If the temperature is too low or the unit is not adequately draining, it can occur.
  • AC units contain a sensor that detects when ice accumulates and automatically shuts down to defrost.
  • Your system is then filled with the sound of cracking and falling ice.
  • Adjust your thermostat to a warmer setting to determine if this is the case. If the noises cease, you may be fine.
  • However, if they return after a short period, this most likely indicates a problem with the device itself, which may require professional repair.

Additionally, you can check to ensure that they are draining properly on some units. Remove the drain pan and inspect the drain. Clear it out to restore regular drainage if the pan is overflowing with water and plugging the drain. It will prevent a cold water backup that could cause the unit to freeze. Always refer to the directions in your owner’s handbook and never attempt to open the compressor unit on your own.

The unit contains water. If water enters the sensitive components of your air conditioner, it can result in major performance and damage, as well as cracking or popping noises. It would be the most likely explanation if your noise began shortly after a major rainstorm. If you believe this is the case, turn off the equipment and disconnect the power before proceeding.

Air Conditioner Clicking Noise When Off

Once the power is turned off, it may be beneficial to visually inspect the outdoor unit for debris or anything else that may obstruct it and prevent water from draining. Again, if there is a drain pan nearby, you can safely inspect to ensure that the water is draining properly. Additionally, clear any debris from the unit’s exterior—do not open the unit itself. Regrettably, if there is water in the machine, it is most likely deep within the more sensitive components that are generally protected from rain. You’ll need to contact an expert to take care of it.

Of course, there are more possibilities. The noise could be caused by anything from a bent fan blade to low oil in the compressor. It’s critical to have unexpected noises in your air conditioner evaluated immediately, as they won’t go away on their own—and in most cases, the problem will worsen. A little repair today will typically cost far less than a big breakdown later.

Today, Speak with an Air Conditioning Expert

If your air conditioner makes weird noises, the better, the sooner you have it checked. Bluco Mechanical can assist you. We are a highly rated, polite, certified AC repair business in New York with many years of experience. Our expertise can accurately detect the source of your issue and permanently resolve it—all with a 100 per cent guarantee.

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