PTACs are cost-effective and can be hazardous if not properly maintained. You probably don’t notice any problems until it’s too late or your unit gets stuffy and you start asking yourself “why is my PTAC Unit Not Cooling?”. Well our PTAC repair New Jersey company can help! Continue reading to learn more!

Repair tips for PTAC unitsPTAC Unit Not Cooling

We can fix your PTAC unit’s frozen coils, clogged filter, spitting water, or inability to create a tolerable temperature.

PTAC units, also known as window units and wall units, often deliver both warm and cool air. They operate as follows: To cool the coils, the compressor delivers refrigerant. The coils take heat and humidity out of the appliance. Refrigerant warms coils to produce hot air, which is subsequently circulated. They are perfect for lodging establishments including hotels, flats, and dorms.


A unit’s location might need to be changed if it spits water. The unit should be level or slightly slanted to the exterior so that it can drain correctly for maximum performance.


If a unit is unable to adequately cool or heats a room, especially if it is more than a few years old, it may require refrigerant or a new thermostat.


First, though, check to see if any objects such as furniture, drapes, or anything else are obstructing the front of the AC and reducing airflow.


Electric heat and heat pumps are the two types of PTAC systems available. They can be hooked into the building’s electronic system or plugged into an outlet. The electric units include an electric element, which often lasts for many years but is not always the case.

Keep things tidy!

A packaged terminal air conditioner and its cousin, the packaged terminal heat pump’s, proper performance depends on maintaining cleanliness, much like other HVAC systems.


The system’s performance is hampered by dirt and dust, which can result in spitting water, iced-over coils, and other issues. Additionally, it may result in the system turning on and off continuously. The effects of a corrupt system are: The unit performs worse and your power bill increases—this is energy inefficiency!


About every 30 days, check the filter and clean or replace it if it’s unclean. A filter costs a lot less than a repair.


Our professionals may do a complete system cleaning for you, ensuring that all of the components are in working condition. Compressors, switches, and a variety of other components are included with these devices. You’ve probably heard the saying before: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment.”

PTAC Unit Not Cooling

We guarantee the work of our professionals, who operate a wide range of HVAC systems for residences and commercial buildings.

For PTAC installation services New Jersey’s Bluco Mechanical company is here! Dial (929) 447-2077 to reach us. We offer emergency assistance around the clock! Also, read more about HVAC and What Does PTAC Stand For In HVAC.

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