Hunter’s Point South is a mixed-use development on approximately 30 acres (120,000 m2) of prime waterfront property in Long Island City, the westernmost neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. The site is expected to be developed with up to 5,000 housing units, 60% of which will be affordable to the middle class.  Private investors had contributed $2 billion to the project as of Spring 2017.

The plan calls for a 10-year construction of 5,000 middle-income housing units, a 1,100-seat intermediate/high school, an 11-acre (45,000-square-meter) waterfront park, 96,500 square feet (8,970 square meters) of commercial development, and 4,600 square feet (430 square meters) of community space.

[3] According to a November 2008 New York Times article, critics of the plan said it goes too far in favoring middle-class households at the expense of lower-income households, while officials countered that it is intended to address the city’s exodus of middle-class families due to rising housing costs. Only families earning between $55,000 and $158,000 would be eligible for units, even though Queens’ median household income was only $51,290. Take your kids with you and visit Queens Zoo. Bluco Mechanical is situated in Queen. Contact them at 929-447-2077.

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