Minimizing maintenance and energy expenditures is critical to any hotel’s success. How To Pick The Correct Hotel Air Conditioner is a major choice that impacts both prices and guest experience. The noise level, temperature control, and long-term reliability of heating and cooling equipment such packaged terminal air conditioners can all vary greatly. Exactly which hotel aircon units can you trust?How To Pick A Hotel Air Conditioner

In this post, we’ll discuss factors to consider when choosing a business air conditioner, as well as heat pumps. First, let’s look at the various hotel air conditioner and heat pump models, their energy efficiency, and the amenities that matter most to guests.

Understanding Hotel Air Conditioners

Vertical Terminal AC

Hotel suites with many rooms frequently use vertical terminal air conditioners (VTACs), which are essentially mini-HVAC systems. Multi-zone heating and cooling systems allow for individual temperature control in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom of studio or multi-bedroom hotel units.

Ductwork, central control systems, and separate heating/cooling components per unit are still required. VTAC units need significant installation and equipment expenditures, but they can provide more energy efficiency than other systems while delivering a more comfortable hotel stay for all guests.

Costly separate components are frequently prohibitive for single-room hotels. So installing PTAC units is a much more sensible and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling large numbers of single-room hotel units.

Packaged Terminal AC

PTAC units, or packaged terminal air conditioners, combine heating and cooling. These easily fit into a standard-sized hotel room wall sleeve, usually below the window.

The mechanical equipment of a PTAC unit is built into the wall, therefore it must run as softly as possible to avoid disturbing guests.

Through-the-Wall AC

Through-the-wall air conditioners are a popular choice for saving money on air conditioning. The biggest disadvantage of these machines is their energy efficiency, which quickly offsets any initial savings. Check the BTU ratings for both cooling and heating operations to avoid overworking the system. Choosing a powerful through-the-wall air conditioner saves money in the long run.

Which PTA features matter in hotels?

If you want to buy many PTAC units for your hotel, you should consider more than just the unit price. Prioritize energy usage, noise generated during startup and operation, and temperature consistency over per-unit cost. Because PTAC units are used by thousands of guests, they are vital to maintaining the best hotel room ratings.

Reduced Running Noise

Hotel visitors expect a good night’s sleep. Regardless of the cause, sleep interruptions will almost surely damage your guest reviews. Trying to keep old PTAC units running causes extra noise during the night, waking up your guests and ruining their vacation.

Remember that a PTAC’s noise can disturb neighbors. A noisy PTAC unit can prompt guests to raise their TV volume. There’s no doubt that one of the most important criteria in buying PTAC units for your hotel is getting the quietest type you can afford.

Energy-Efficient HVAC

Many PTAC units have energy-efficient heat pumps and air conditioners for cost-effective one-room heating. Check the energy ratings of the equipment you are considering buying to determine their lifetime costs.

Electric Heaters For Temp Control

Heat-pump air conditioners provide a highly-targeted means of heating and cooling several units within a single hotel structure, saving hotel operators enormous monthly energy bills. These systems also provide guests ultimate control over their comfort, enhancing the possibility of five-star evaluations.

Choosing Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner Size

The ideal sleep requires a room temperature low enough to be warm under the blankets. If your visitors have to adjust a PTAC unit in the middle of the night, they may not return to your hotel in the future.

Choose a PTAC unit installation that can effortlessly heat and cool your rooms to keep your guests coming back. We have PTACs in all sizes, new and remanufactured, with precise controls for stable temperatures.How To Pick A Hotel Air Conditioner

Used PTAC Units Save Money

Then you ponder if getting a new or refurbished old PTAC is advisable when your hotel air conditioners start breaking down at night. Call us if your hotel has inefficient, noisy, or unreliable air conditioning. Bluco Mechanical has a large selection of heating and cooling systems for hotel rooms that are sure to please your guests.

 Call (929)447-2077 today to increase your hotel reviews, ratings, and profits! You can also find out Why Hotels, Hospitals, and Office Buildings Prefer PTAC Units on our website.

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