Air conditioning repair and maintenance, as well as vent and duct cleaning, are among the services offered by our mechanical HVAC services NYC firm. However, if you prefer to clean your air conditioning vents on your own, we’ll gladly give you the necessary knowledge! Continue reading to discover How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents and more, and if you’d want to hire a pro, you can reach out to us in New York.

Advantages of Cleaning Air Conditioning Vents 

The cleaner your air vents are, the better! The dirt on your vents will enter people’s lungs no matter where they are in your house because your HVAC system pumps air throughout the entire house. Cleaning them will improve the quality of your indoor air and reduce allergens.How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents

What You’ll Require

Are you ready to begin? The following are the tools you’ll require:

1.) Vacuum

Your regular vacuum should suffice, but you’ll need a hose and attachments to get in there properly. You can also rent a heavy-duty vacuum from the hardware shop if you need something more powerful.

2.) Brushes or Cloths for Scrubbing

You’ll need something to wipe away any grime that has accumulated, such as a scrub brush or a cleaning cloth.

3.)Use a screwdriver.

If you want to clean the ducts beneath the air vent more completely, unscrew it.

  1. Cleaning Methods:

  • To begin, switch off your HVAC system’s power. You don’t want to be assaulted by a burst of dusty air when cleaning. Then, with your vacuum and scrub brush, unscrew the vents and give them a thorough cleaning. If they’re particularly filthy, you can clean them with soap and water.
  • You can clean the air duct walls below after you’ve finished the vent. Reach in and scrape the loose debris and dust from the walls. Then get your vacuum out and suction up all the dirt you’ve kicked loose.
  • When you’ve finished vacuuming, use your cleaning cloth to pick away any debris that has accumulated on the vent walls. Get as much as you can using a moist towel. Your vents might surprise you with how filthy they can be!
  • Finally, you must clean the area surrounding the vent. You’ve probably tracked dust and debris onto the floor, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve cleaned it up as well.

NYC HVAC Services

 Our HVAC company is based in New York City, and we service both residential and commercial customers in the area. Our HVAC professionals are constantly taught new techniques and technologies, and our staff has nearly 20 years of experience in the business. In addition to routine HVAC maintenance, we offer 24-hour emergency service and a wide range of new equipment to suit any budget. Learn more about our services and get in touch with us immediately for a quote or to schedule an appointment.

It takes a lot of effort to clean your air conditioning vents! Contact Bluco Mechanical at (929) 447-2077 if you’d rather leave HVAC maintenance Tips to Prevent Costly Repairs to the professionals.

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