When an air conditioning system gets “leaky,” or begins to leak chemical refrigerant, it is one of the most worrying problems that can occur. A loss of refrigerant does more than removing the necessary fluid for an air conditioner to cool an area. It also increases the likelihood of a catastrophic breakdown due to a burned-out compressor.

A leaking refrigerant is always a reason to contact our PTAC heating repair Queens experts. Is it, however, a reason to plan a system replacement? That depends. Let’s delve into the specifics—but always seek professional advice before making a decision and find out Can You Repair A Leaking AC Compressor on your own.

Leaking Refrigerants Is A Common Issue

One of the most common problems we see in household air conditioners is a refrigerant leak. It’s not an unusual situation, and our staff is used to dealing with problems quickly. We discovered the leaks and were able to plug them as well as recharge the lost refrigerant, restoring the system to factory specifications.


Leaks can occur in new air conditioners as well as older ones. When an air conditioner is 5 years old or older, which isn’t even half its lifespan, it’s most likely to leak. Formaldehyde in a home’s air may induce formicary corrosion on copper refrigerant lines. If you’ve owned the AC for less than ten years, you should have many years of good service left.

Can You Repair A Leaking AC Compressor?

Leaking Refrigerant Is Also Urgent

Because the air conditioner is too old, the refrigerant may begin to leak. It’s a common sign that a system needs updating. A 15-year-old air conditioner without a warranty should be replaced.

The R-22 Problem

If you have an outdated air conditioner that uses R-22 refrigerant, leaks are unlikely to be corrected. Since this year, technicians can’t add R-22 to a system. Replace your air conditioner with one that uses eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

System Damage From The Leak

A leak that took a long time to find could have already caused harm to the compressor. In these cases, the compressor can typically be replaced; but, if the system is no longer under warranty, this is an unreasonably expensive repair. In this instance, it’s best to install a new system with a new compressor, warranty, and other components.


You can rely on our PTAC repair NYC specialists to provide you with honest answers to your questions and the best service possible. Contact Bluco Mechanical at (929)447-2077 now for more information and estimates for your future HVAC issues. And visit our website to read about Common Problems With PTAC Units now.

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