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Packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) are a staple of hotels, hospitals, apartments and assisted living facilities in Jersey City. These through-the-wall air conditioning and heating units provide focused climate control for individual rooms. Like any complex piece of equipment, PTAC units require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to continue operating at peak efficiency.

Bluco Mechanical has over a decade of experience servicing, repairing and installing PTAC units across Jersey City. Our NATE-certified technicians are experts at all aspects of PTAC maintenance and repair.

With over 50 years of experience providing PTAC unit installation, maintenance, and repair in Jersey City, NJ, Bluco Mechanical is your top choice for reliable PTAC heating and cooling services. Our NATE-certified technicians specialize in all aspects of PTAC unit repair, replacement, and installation for commercial properties across Jersey City. Whether you need emergency PTAC repair, new PTAC unit installation, or regularly scheduled maintenance, Bluco Mechanical has the skills and experience to keep your PTAC units running efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive Jersey City PTAC Unit services.

PTAC Repair

Over time, PTAC units experience wear and tear that can’t always be fixed with repair. When you need new PTAC installation in Jersey City, NJ, the technicians at Bluco Mechanical have the experience to get the job done right.

We handle the entire PTAC replacement process including:

  • Removal and disposal of old PTAC unit
  • Modifications to existing wall sleeve and electrical as needed
  • Procurement of new commercial-grade PTAC sized for your application
  • Professional installation of new unit by experienced technicians
  • Testing and adjustments to ensure optimal heating and cooling performance
  • Permitting if required by local building codes

Bluco Mechanical focuses on top quality brands like Carrier, Trane and Goodman to ensure your new PTAC unit provides the efficiency, airflow and reliability you need. For customized PTAC replacement in Jersey City, trust the experts at Bluco Mechanical.

PTAC Cleaning Jersey City

Trusted PTAC Service in Jersey City

For over 50 years, Bluco Mechanical has been the trusted name for PTAC installation, maintenance and repair in Jersey City, NJ. Our experienced technicians have serviced thousands of PTAC units across the city’s hotels, office buildings, hospitals, apartments and more.

When you need fast, reliable PTAC service in Jersey City, choose Bluco Mechanical. We offer:

  • 24/7 emergency PTAC repair service with priority response times
  • Preventative PTAC maintenance to improve performance and efficiency
  • Expert PTAC troubleshooting and repairs for all major brands and models
  • Quick turnaround on PTAC parts and replacements
  • Custom PTAC installation for new construction and renovation projects

We understand you need your PTAC units operating at 100% to keep your property running smoothly. We have an extensive inventory of PTAC parts on hand so we can get your unit fixed quickly. Our technicians are highly experienced with PTAC diagnostics and repair.

PTAC Repair Jersey City

When compared to a standard central air conditioning unit or a window AC unit, PTAC units can provide several advantages. Packaged terminal air conditioners are an excellent way to heat or cool an entire room. And, in most cases, these units include control panels that give you detailed control over how the room feels, from the temperature of the air to the intensity of the fan system.

Using PTAC units on your property could cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%. This is due to the fact that each room can be individually controlled — rather than cooling or heating an entire building, you can regulate temperatures only in the rooms that are currently occupied. This maximizes your energy savings, making PTAC units one of the most cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling options.

PTAC units provide a plethora of advantages in a straightforward and cost-effective package. Some of these advantages are as follows:

If you decide to install a central air conditioning unit, you will need to have the ductwork installed in order for the air to circulate throughout your home. Because PTAC units do not require the use of ducts, they are much easier to install.

Installing PTAC units is less expensive than installing central air conditioning systems. However, because they consume more energy than their alternatives, the savings will be minimal if you intend to use the unit on a frequent basis.

Cooling that can be controlled
Is it necessary to cool the entire building at once? Or do you simply need to cool down a specific area of your home? PTACs give you the ability to control the climate in a single room without wasting resources or having an impact on the rest of the facility.

PTAC Installation Jersey City

We offer comprehensive PTAC services including:

  • Scheduled maintenance to keep your PTAC units running cleanly and efficiently. Our technicians will thoroughly clean the interior components, change filters, clear drain lines, test electrical components and make any necessary adjustments or minor repairs. Preventative maintenance helps avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive emergency repairs.
  • PTAC troubleshooting and repair for all major brands and models. We stock a large inventory of common replacement parts to get your unit up and running again quickly. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix any PTAC issue including refrigerant leaks, control board failures, fan failures, stuck relays, drain clogs and more.
  • Full PTAC replacement when age or damage make a unit unfixable. We’ll remove and dispose of the old PTAC properly, then install a new high-efficiency model. Our experts handle all electrical and HVAC work for a turnkey installation.
  • Custom PTAC installation for new construction and renovations. We work with general contractors, architects and property managers to specify, procure and install PTAC units to match your design specifications.

Bluco Mechanical offers 24/7 emergency PTAC repair in Jersey City. We understand the major inconvenience when guests’ rooms have no air conditioning or heat. Our after-hours emergency service ensures your PTAC issues get priority response and service – day or night.

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