Cooper & Hunter PTAC Unit Installation

Cooper & Hunter PTAC Unit Installation

Cooper & Hunter PTAC Unit Installation

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Indoor and outdoor air intake is very essential to your and your family’s health! Bluco Mechanical provides HVAC servicing & Installation for all ac unit brands of Cooper & Hunter Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner units. We use certified Cooper & Hunter PTAC installation service technicians in New York who have been trained and certified to detect any issues and work on any Cooper & Hunter PTAC Unit. We frequently install Cooper and Hunter units and can assist you with the repair, maintenance, and installation of your air conditioning system. Are you concerned with air conditioning maintenance and installation, as well as obtaining the greatest price for heating and cooling services and equipment in New York City? Bluco assures the lowest costs and finest service quality for air conditioning! Bluco gladly serves the entirety of New York City and its environs. Contact the air and heat specialists at Bluco for more information on our air conditioning units, air conditioning systems, and air conditioning services, including installations and repairs of central air conditioners, or locate nearby specialists in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Purchasing high-quality ptac air conditioner units is a wise investment. Regular maintenance is crucial, so if you notice a problem, do not hesitate to contact an HVAC installation professional. Bluco Mechanical has been New York City’s premier HVAC contractor for many years. In addition to Cooper & Hunter PTAC units, we also install Trane air conditioners, Goodman air conditioning systems, Amana AC Systems, and Lennox AC units. We have the installation knowledge, instructions, and skills necessary to resolve any of your HVAC concerns. Keep in mind that every air conditioner is unique and may require a distinct set of tools and upkeep!

Cooper & Hunter PTAC Quality & BTU

Cooper & Hunter’s Creative & Reliable Product  Features

PTAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are widely placed in hotel, housing facility, hospital, and solarium window walls and masonry walls. Heat pumps and backup heat strips are used to provide quick cooling and heating as well as precise temperature management. Fresh Air Ventilation improves the flow of clean air, and the GoldFin Anti Corrosive coating extends the unit’s life.

Cooper & Hunter’s PTAC packaged terminal air conditioners and accessories may simply replace ptac units previous to the units being replaced because they fit into standard sized wall sleeves. Control choices for maximum convenience include a PTAC control display, remote control, or a wired or wireless third-party wall thermostat. This brand has many other innovative features everyone could benefit from including:

  • Standard Filter Included
  • Selectable Fan Speed
  • Swing Louvers
  • Minimum Sound Pressure
  • Motion Sensors at Request
  • Wide Space Range 
  • Timer & more!

Heat Pump variants, which range from 9K to 15K Btu/h, are ideal for warmer areas, whereas Heat Strip models, which also range from 9K to 15K Btu/h, use an electric heat strip as a backup when working in cooler winter conditions. High Efficiency PTAC air conditioners with up to 11.6 EER are also available in 12K and 15K Btu/h capacities.

The New York City region has been heated and cooled by our existing ptac unit experts at Bluco Mechanical for many years. We are a family-owned business that specializes in the ptac units installing, repairing, and designing air conditioning, boiler, and furnace systems for homes and businesses. We clean, inspect, and maintain furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners of all makes and models. Our PTAC air conditioner repair technicians are certified to assist with preventative maintenance, repairs, system replacement, and installation.

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What Differentiates Portable AC Units From Other Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners can generally be categorized into three categories: Portables are a single unit that is not fixed or installed and may be moved from room to room, whereas so-called Split Air Conditioners have one or more inter

Do Cooper & Hunter Appliances Impact the Environment?

Cooper & Hunter specialists who create new goods have always prioritized compliance with environmental safety norms. In addition, energy conservation receives special emphasis. Cooper & Hunter’s environmental certification OHSAS18000, which ensures environmental cleanliness and safety, confirms this.

This brand makes their products using cutting-edge technologies! All of them are subjected to stringent quality control to guarantee that they meet the stated specifications and are of excellent quality.

With more than two decades of experience in air conditioning and ventilation, Cooper & Hunter has become an industry leader in HVAC. The brand is committed to technological innovation and consumer-driven product development, producing HVAC equipment that complies to the highest quality standards and offers dependable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective cooling solutions.

While Cooper & Hunter products are offered in over 50 countries globally, the brand’s expansion in the United States has been swift. Cooper & Hunter distinguishes itself from big-name manufacturers by giving superior support to both consumers and technicians, with their in-house technical support team delivering Monday through Friday troubleshooting and warranty service, just like Bluco Mechanical!

Bluco Mechanical Assistance

Bluco is proud to be New York’s leading residential HVAC business. Our staff is well-informed, cordial, and eager to serve. We specialize in ptac unit changing, ptac unit insulate tools and knowledge, and helping you figure out the correct ptac unit make and model made for your window or wall! We stand apart from other HVAC companies in every manner, from our goods to our expertise. Whatever your needs may be, we will exceed your expectations. For Cooper & Hunter PTAC Unit Installation, or if you detect a problem with your packaged terminal air conditioner unit call (929) 447-2077 immediately! Additionally explore our poage and find out what other topics PTAC units have to offer

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