Amana PTC153G35AXXX Installation Services

Amana PTC153G35AXXX Installation Services

Amana PTC153G35AXXX Installation Services

Amana PTAC Systems | PTAC Unit Features

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), similar to those used in hotel rooms, are an excellent solution to heat and cool offices, flats, dormitories, and residential extensions. The PTAC units fit into a regular, pre-existing 16″ x 42″ wall sleeve and have user-friendly controls. New Amana PTC153G35AXXX installations necessitate the purchase of a wall sleeve and grille as Accessories. These PTAC units are built for efficiency, longevity, and silent operation. They are available in a range of capacities to fit your sizing needs.

The air you and your family breathe is very important to your health! Bluco Mechanical fixes and installs Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner units and works on all brands of HVAC systems. We use certified PTAC installation service technicians in New York who have been trained and certified to find problems and fix any Amana PTAC Unit. We often put in Amana, Cooper, and Hunter units, and we can also help you fix, maintain, and put in your air conditioning system. Are you worried about getting the best price for heating and cooling services and equipment in New York City, as well as taking care of your air conditioner and installing it? Bluco guarantees the best service and the lowest prices for air conditioning. Bluco is happy to serve all of New York City and the towns around it. Contact the air and heat experts at Bluco to learn more about our air conditioning units, air conditioning systems, and air conditioning services, such as the installation and repair of central air conditioners. You can also look for nearby experts in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

A sensible investment is to get high-quality ptac air conditioner units. Regular maintenance is essential, so don’t wait to call an HVAC installation expert if you see a problem. For many years, Bluco Mechanical has been the top HVAC contractor in New York City. We also install Trane air conditioners, Goodman air conditioning systems, Cooper & Hunter AC Systems, and Lennox air conditioners in addition to Amana PTC153G35AXXX units. For any installation-related issues, we have the requisite knowledge, know-how, and expertise. Remember that each air conditioner is unique and may need a different set of tools and maintenance!

Amana PTC153G35AXXX Installation Services

Amana PTAC Brand Characteristics

Amana PTAC Brand Characteristics & Accessories

Every Amana brand product has been created with the same fundamental tenet: to give their consumers high-quality goods that are dependable, satisfy their demands, and outlast the competition. And as they create their market-leading Amana brand packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs), as well as air conditioning and heating products, they keep that idea firmly in mind.

The performance of their products is continuously tested in the lab by Amana engineers, who push them to their limits and look ahead to potential abuses. The assessment of tolerances and fit, hinge and handle durability testing, and “shake and impact” tests to guarantee the preservation of product integrity while transportation is some of the most common tests. We believe the following characteristics will grab your attention:

  • DigiSmart Control Board – The system settings may be easily monitored thanks to the degree-by-degree temperature control and LED digital display.
  • Quiet Fan Operation – A new 9-bladed condenser fan and copper refrigerant tubing reconfiguration result in the quietest Amana PTAC ever.
  • Automatic Freeze Protection – If the PTAC unit detects an indoor temperature of fewer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the fan motor and electric heat strip are activated.
  • 3-Minute Compressor Lockout – After the compressor shuts down, it will not restart for three minutes to prevent compressor damage.
  • Rotary compressor – Mounted permanently on rubber isolators to reduce vibration noise.

To give quality items to our consumers, we put pride and workmanship into each product. However, it is feasible that a product will require service during its lifetime. Amana Products should only be serviced by a qualified Bluco service technician who is familiar with the necessary safety measures and is equipped with the necessary tools, components, testing instruments, and the appropriate service manual.

For many years, our existing ptac unit professionals at Bluco Mechanical have been heating and cooling the New York City area. We are a family-owned company that specializes in the installation, repair, and design of air conditioning, boiler, and furnace systems for homes and businesses. We clean, inspect, and maintain all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners. Our PTAC air conditioner repair professionals are trained to help with routine maintenance, repairs, system replacement, and installation.

Affordable Heating & Cooling Services for Homes & Businesses in NYC

Amana, one of the major manufacturers of PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners), is well-known for providing some of the most dependable PTAC units available. However, much like any other device, these machines might malfunction. Depending on what’s wrong with an Amana PTAC device, the quickest solution is to reset the system. Continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot and reset an Amana PTAC device.

Troubleshooting Your Amana PTAC Unit

You can diagnose your Amana PTAC unit without any tools or technical knowledge thanks to ingenious innovation. These air conditioners provide a self-diagnosis capability that you can use at any time.

When you turn on your PTAC unit, it checks for problems and shows a unique code. Using the problem code as a guide, you can assess whether a manual reset will get your PTAC unit back up and running.

Amana PTAC Self-Diagnostic Test

To run a diagnostic test on your Amana PTAC device, follow these steps:

  • On the unit, look for the “down” and “up” arrow buttons.
  • Hold down both buttons at the same time.
  • Double-tap the “Cool” button on your PTAC unit while holding both buttons.
  • Wait for the display to change for a few seconds.
  • Your air conditioner unit should be in self-diagnostic mode if you followed the steps above correctly. Look for a red dot blinking in the corner of the screen to confirm.
  • The temperature of the room is typically displayed on the PTAC’s display panel. Dashes (- -) will substitute these numbers while in diagnostic mode. A green light may also be visible in the bottom left corner of your device’s touchpad.
  • Allow a few minutes for the gadget to run a diagnostic test. When the test is finished, the dashes will be replaced by an error code.

If the dashes remain, it indicates that the system was unable to detect the issue. As a result, even if you reset the Amana PTAC unit, the system may not run smoothly. It would be a good idea to hire an air conditioner repair specialist.

Resetting an Amana PTAC Unit

Some of the issues listed above can be resolved with a simple manual reset. There is no single rest button, but it is still a simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide to manually resetting your PTAC unit:

  • Check sure the unit is turned on.
  • Lift the forward-facing plastic covering by lifting it and dragging it toward you.
  • Place the master switch in the “off” position. It’s usually located near the control panel.
  • Find the “cold” and “hot” controls.
  • Hold down both buttons at the same time.
  • Turn the master switch to the “on” position while holding both buttons.
  • A red light beside the “off” button indicates that your Amana PTAC unit has been correctly reset.

Bluco Mechanical Installation Services & Indoor Air Quality

It’s simple to troubleshoot and diagnose a defective Amana PTAC device thanks to the self-diagnostic functionality!

Depending on the fault, a simple manual reset may be all that is required to get your machine running properly again and keep your indoor air quality as clean as could. And if you need a new or refurbished Amana PTAC, we’d be pleased to assist you here at Bluco Mechanical in finding the correct one for you! We distinguish ourselves from other HVAC firms in every way, from our products to our knowledge. Whatever your requirements are, we will go above and beyond. Call (929) 447-2077 right now if you need Amana PTC153G35AXXX Installation Services or if you notice an issue with your packaged terminal air conditioner unit! Explore our website to learn about the other topics that PTAC units have to offer including air quality inside and out, and different features and accessories fit to your specific needs.

Amana PTC153G35AXXX Installation Services
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